Cataracts are the result of clouding on the lens of the eye that develops overtime. Just like in a camera, the lens of the eye is important in the eye’s function, and plays a big role in bending light through it and allowing images to get transferred to the retina, then onto the brain where the image is processed. As cloudiness on the lens of the eye develops, the light isn’t able to successfully pass through the lens. Instead, light is scattered, and the result is cloudy or blurred vision.

Most people with cataracts do not even realize that they are suffering from a distortion on their lens, as initially any changes in vision may be undetected. The first sign of cataract formation may be when night vision begins to diminish. Fortunately, there are many advanced treatments for modern cataract surgery, without stitches or incisions.

Depending on the degree of the cataracts, surgical removal of the cataracts may be the only options for treatment. The process involves breaking down the cataracts, and removing them. As the cataracts were on the lens of the eye, the lens is also removed, and will need to be replaced with a synthetic one. Fortunately, there are many different options for intraocular lens (IOL) replacements.

Cataract Surgery

During Your Consultation

During your visit, in addition to the full ophthalmic examination, Dr. Strange will go over the risks and benefits of cataract surgery, the options available to meet your visual needs. Once your surgery is scheduled we will review all of the details and get your final examinations scheduled.

Typically, another visit is set to have biometrics performed:
These biometrics will assist in choosing the proper intraocular lens calculations. Logistical aspects of the surgery as well as medications are discussed. Dr. Strange will personally go over your eye’s unique characteristics with you in person.

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