Dr. Kenneth King is an experienced optometrist at Alliance Vision Institute in Fort Worth, TX. He specializes in full-scope optometry, ocular disease treatment, glaucoma management, and pre- and post-surgery treatment.


Dr. King earned his undergraduate degree and Doctor of Optometry from the University of Houston, both with honors. He returned to Ohio to be closer to family and spent 25 years building a successful eye care practice there. Today, he is happy to be back in Texas at Alliance Vision Institute, and we are glad to have him. A member of both the Texas Optometric Association and American Optometric Association, Dr. King has given back by volunteering his time with Vision USA and the InfantSee Program.
Dr. Kenneth King Education & Experience


Dr. King takes the time to get to know each of his patients to learn about their vision needs and goals. He is skilled in a variety of eye care services and will help you decide what care is best for your lifestyle.

Fort Worth Optometric Services


Dr. King is proud to provide thorough optometric services to examine every aspect of your vision and eye health. His full range of services, from comprehensive eye exams to medical eye care, are tailored to you to ensure your ongoing eye health.

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Vision Loss Treatment


It’s important to identify potential eye conditions early to safeguard against vision loss, and Dr. King has decades of experience diagnosing and managing ocular diseases. He’s able to identify potential issues long before they show symptoms and personalize treatment plans to maximize patient success.

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Glaucoma Treatment in Fort Worth


Glaucoma can be managed using prescriptions and other tailored solutions. Dr. King specializes in glaucoma treatment: he can expertly manage even complex cases to maintain your vision and slow or potentially stop the progression of glaucoma.

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Comfortable Surgical Experience at Alliance Vision Institute


A successful and comfortable surgical experience should put just as much focus on pre- and post-operative care as the procedure itself. Dr. King provides compassionate care to patients before and after virtually any eye surgery to ensure the smoothest recovery and clearest vision for our patients!

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Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease treatment

Dry eye disease is an exceedingly common condition when your eyes aren’t getting enough hydration from your tears. Though there are many different causes of dry eye, they tend to have similar symptoms, such as stinging, burning, redness, scratchy eyes, watery eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and difficulty with night vision.

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Fort Worth Ophthalmologist

Get to Know

Dr. King was born in Ohio; after several years completing his education in Texas, he practiced in his home state for more than 25 years. But he always still felt he was a Texan at heart and has returned to his real home! Dr. King is passionate about getting to know his patients: he believes it’s crucially important to not treat patients as a set of eyes, but as an individual, unique person. He loves meeting people and can’t wait to help his new patients see more clearly!

Open Letter to Patients

Hello! It is my privilege to welcome you to Alliance Vision Institute. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your vision needs. I consider it an honor to be able to do so.

I have always had an interest in vision care. My father suffered from nystagmus, and I suffered from myopia from the fourth grade on. In my teens I suffered from eye disease related to contact lens misuse. I decided to find a way to help others like my father and myself to enjoy clear, uncomplicated vision.

I believe our vision connects us to the world around us. I have seen children blossom after having their vision corrected. I have also seen children who were once considered learning impaired or ADHD re-engage with their world. I have witnessed adults flourish with confidence after achieving freedom from eyewear. I have seen the elderly reconnect with their families and surroundings after regaining their sight from cataract surgery. There is literally no point in life that cannot be enhanced with improved vision.

The most satisfying moment of my career came one day when a woman came into my office. She said “you won’t remember me but you saw me at a free clinic (I volunteered at a local community clinic back then) and noticed that my optic nerve didn’t look right. You and the clinic director got me into the neuro-ophthalmologist, who found a tumor behind my eye. You saved my life, and I came in to say thank you.” Every day I come to work thinking of her.

My philosophy has always been that the eyes are part of the entire person. They are not an isolated system. That fits with our philosophy here at AVI. Let us show you how we can enhance your life experience.


Respectfully yours,
Dr. Kenneth King

Q&A With Dr. King

What made you decide to become an optometrist?

My father had an ocular condition called nystagmus that always made me aware of vision conditions. I also had a lot of contact lens complications as a teen and spent quite a bit of time in an eye doctor’s office. Between those two things, I was motivated to consider eyecare as a career.

Do you participate in any community/volunteer/service work?

I have volunteered for a crisis hotline, vision mission trips, and the Infantsee program through the American Optometric Association.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

When patients are ecstatic about their visual outcome.

What differentiates Alliance Vision Institute from other practices?

We provide a vast array of vision correction treatments, but in an environment that is highly individualized. We try to make every patient feel important. The last thing any individual in our practice wants is for our patients to feel like a number. I love when our team members get to know the patients and develop their own rapport with them.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Optometric Association
  • Texas Optometric Association
  • Tarrant County Optometric Society

Research & Academics

  • Participant in vision studies for Light Adjustable Lenses (LAL) by RxSight®


    • Speaker for RxSight® Light Adjustable Lenses: Roundtable panelist and contributor to online discussions with other LAL providers across the US
    • Speaker for Lumenis Vision: Provided clinical instruction to providers at the Dallas Brilliance Seminar, 12/2022
    “I have had the one and only adjustment that was needed for my Light Adjustable Lenses. Dr. King did an amazing job with the adjustment and a great experience became spectacular! We have now locked in the prescription and I can’t wait to enjoy my now better than 20/20 vision!”
    Pam Combs