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How long have you been burdened with needing glasses and contacts in order to be able to see? Have you been told that you are nearsighted, or farsighted, or that you have astigmatism?

Isn’t it frustrating when your glasses fog up when you cook? Aren’t the discomfort and maintenance that your contacts require a hassle? Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and be able to read the clock without putting on your glasses first? Are you tired of being dependent on needing glasses and contacts to LIVE YOUR LIFE? Here at Alliance Vision Institute, we have the solution. We specialize in all forms of LASIK and LASER VISION CORRECTION in order to bring you the BEST, most CLEAR vision possible. We serve patients in Fort Worth, Dallas and throughout the DFW area.

Congratulations on taking this first step towards obtaining visual freedom! We know you have a lot of questions. Don’t worry, most patients do. Questions like, “Am I a candidate?”, “Are there any risks?”, or “How much does LASIK cost?” We’ll get into all of this, but first we would like to say, thank you for considering us as your LASIK surgeons!

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What is LASIK?

LASIK (laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is a corrective eye surgery procedure that reshapes the cornea to improve a patient’s vision. The most common vision problems, referred to as refractive errors, are a result of irregularities in the curvature or shape of the cornea:

  • In patients with myopia (nearsightedness), the cornea is curved too much.
  • In patients with hyperopia (farsightedness), the cornea isn’t curved enough.
  • In patients with astigmatism, the shape of the cornea is irregular, or shaped like a football when it should be shaped like a basketball.

These corneal irregularities affect the way light is bent (refracted) onto the retina, resulting in blurry or distorted vision. By reshaping and removing the imperfections in the cornea during LASIK eye surgery, our LASIK surgeons can help patients achieve clear, crisp vision—quickly! In fact, studies have shown that after LASIK up to Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source What is the LASIK Success Rate? American Refractive Surgery Council Go to Source 90% of patients achieve vision that is 20/20 or better.

Our advanced LASIK eye surgeons at AVI often have success rates of 99% of patients achieving 20/20 vision, with many patients achieving 20/15 vision or better!

Aren’t you ready to take the first step towards clearer vision? Take our LASIK Quiz to learn more about your options!

The Value of LASIK

The clearest reason to get LASIK is that it can significantly enhance your vision and reduce or eliminate the need to wear glasses and contacts. It’s also a more cost-effective option: nearly all patients save money over the long run with LASIK surgery compared to years of frames, contact lenses, and related supplies and exams.

And it’s impossible to put a value on the convenience and improved quality of life LASIK can bring you —the first time a patient is able to read or drive without glasses can be life-changing!

That said, we realize the cost of LASIK can be a concern for many of our patients. If you share this concern, please give us a call so we can help you learn more about financing options.

You Deserve the Clearest Vision.
Achieve it with Alliance Vision Institute.

Who is a Good Candidate for LASIK?

Most motivated adults are a great fit for LASIK! During a free LASIK consultation, we’ll determine if you’re a good candidate for the surgery by confirming that you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Haven’t had a change in your vision prescription in the past year
  • Don’t have eye conditions, or signs of eye conditions, like glaucoma or cataracts
  • Are ready to rely less on contact lenses or glasses

Why Choose LASIK at Alliance Vision Institute?

Amazing Results

After LASIK at Alliance Vision Institute, you’ll enjoy crisp, clear vision for years to come. 99% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision, with many patients achieving 20/15 vision or better!

Fully Customized Vision Solutions

We know each patient is different, with unique eyes and lifestyles, which is why we at Alliance Vision Institute offer personalized vision solutions that are anything but cookie-cutter.

The Highest Quality of Patient Care

When you select Alliance Vision Institute for your laser eye surgery, you can trust you’re getting the best advice and care for you and your vision. The instant you come into our office, we’ll make you feel like you are the only patient in the room.

Superior Technology

We are one of only a few providers in the Dallas area to employ the WaveLight® Contoura™ Topography Guided LASIK system, for smoother recoveries and more precise results. More than Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Results from FDA T-CAT-001 Clinical Study Go to Source 90% of Contoura patients achieve vision that is 20/20 or better after LASIK.

A Leading Ophthalmologist

You can rely on our LASIK surgeons, who have performed thousands of successful laser eye surgery procedures and treat each patient like a member of their own family.

Meet Your LASIK Eye Surgeon


Dr. Taylor Strange is an experienced, board-certified LASIK surgeon who has completed thousands of successful eye surgeries. Dr. Strange places the highest value on personalized patient care and attention, and will personally explore your case and work with you to determine the vision correction solution that best fits your needs.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange graduated near the top of his class with a perfect GPA and brings that perfectionism to every surgery he performs. In addition to his reputation for precise surgical technique and optimal outcomes, Dr. Strange is known for his bedside manner and sense of humor.

Preparing for LASIK

Every LASIK surgery at Alliance Vision Institute starts with a free consultation to determine if you’re a great candidate for the laser vision correction surgery. You’ll get a rundown of the advanced technology we use to provide our patients optimal vision results, and the steps you should take before your surgery appointment, which include discontinuing wearing contacts and arranging for transportation to and from your procedure. Rest assured, anything we recommend is the best fit for your needs.

The LASIK Experience

When the time comes for your surgery, we’ll apply a numbing agent so you experience no discomfort during surgery — all you may feel is a slight pressure. We’ll then gently and precisely reshape your eye’s cornea using our advanced laser technology: this allows us to closely follow a predetermined surgical plan, but with the flexibility for our surgeons to make any further adjustments as needed.

Recovery After LASIK

After surgery, you may have some mild visual distortion, dry eye, and discomfort in the days after your surgery, but they should clear up quickly. LASIK recovery time is typically very short: many patients will see nearly immediate results and be able to return to normal activities soon after, with full results after a couple of months. We’ll guide you through your recovery with personal post-operative appointments to ensure you have excellent results!

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Your Vision After LASIK

While LASIK can be a life-changing procedure, it’s important to have the right expectations, and we never want to over promise at Alliance Vision Institute. Successful LASIK surgery can allow you to perform most everyday tasks without the need for corrective eyewear and can greatly improve your vision: the vast majority of patients achieve 20/20 or better. However, even after successful LASIK, some patients will need to use eyewear in certain situations, and full results won’t develop immediately following surgery. We can set expectations for your situation during a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK

Is LASIK painful?

Not at all! LASIK is not painful. Before beginning the LASIK eye surgery procedure, our team of LASIK experts will apply anesthetic eye drops to numb your eyes. You may feel some slight pressure, but you won’t feel pain.

Is LASIK safe?

All surgeries have some risk of side effects, but LASIK is one of the safest and most common surgical procedures performed today. According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, less than 1% of LASIK patients experience complications. Temporary side effects like dry eye and light sensitivity are normal and should clear up quickly, and we can walk you through what to expect during a free consultation.

The Trusetd Source Checkbox Trusted Source Food and Drug Administration LASIK Go to Source FDA states that additional rare side effects of LASIK may include:

  • Temporary halos and glare
  • Over- or under-correction of refractive errors

Are You a Candidate for Vision Correction?

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