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Alliance Vision Institute has always believed in personalizing our treatments to fit every patient’s needs. An important way we customize your vision after cataract surgery is with specialized vision packages.

We offer a range of artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs) to bring you the best possible vision for your prescription and lifestyle. During a consultation, our expert counselors will walk you through our special toric and multifocal vision packages, but you can get started by learning more about them below.

Toric Vision Packages

Toric vision packages are specifically designed to account for astigmatisms — when the eye is an irregular shape that can affect both near and distance vision. Though everyone with astigmatism is different, a toric lens is usually the best option for astigmatic patients with cataracts.

Who is This Lens Best For?

Our toric vision package is a great option for patients with any sort of significant astigmatism. Non-toric options are designed for eyes that are too long or too short, not uneven; they’re unable to offer the same level of correction as toric vision packages, which are specifically-designed for astigmatism.

What Will Your Vision Look Like?

This can depend. Most vision packages have toric varieties that simply make that vision package accessible to someone with astigmatism: a toric multifocal is simply a version of that multifocal designed for astigmatic patients.

Multifocal Vision Packages

Our multifocal vision packages can help you see clearly across a range of distances. Rather than focusing solely on nearby or distant vision, these options allow for greater clarity at two or more customizable focuses. These can be most powerful at two distances, or correct for near, intermediate, and distance vision alike. Some offer greater clarity between focused distances, as well: we’ll go over options during a free consult, including the AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® Trifocal and TECNIS® Multifocal Toric II packages.

Who is This Lens Best For?

Patients who want improved vision across the board or lead busy lifestyles are great candidates for multifocal vision packages. These are also ideal for patients who want to rely on eyeglasses less than they do now, as they can help you see clearly at reading, driving, and other distances at the same time. It is possible eyewear would be required in some instances, as we’ll cover during your consult.

What Will Your Vision Look Like?

Your vision depends on your multifocal vision package, but all will help you see things at a range of distances — sink a long-range putt, and then write down your score afterwards — and greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for eyewear for some patients. It generally takes a week or two for your eyes to adjust to a new way of seeing, but our multifocal patients love their results!

Adjustable Vision Packages

You should know: cataract surgeons often recommend this premier package to their own loved ones, and to vision-dependent individuals like pilots and neurosurgeons. Thanks to the revolutionary RxSight™️ Light Adjustable Lens, your doctor can customize and perfect your clarity across all distances — after your cataract surgery procedure, even multiple times if desired. We believe everyone is worth choosing the best eyesight possible, and we believe the Adjustable Vision Package is that.

Who is This Lens Best For?

Whether you want the greatest clarity or the most flexibility with your post-cataract surgery vision, the Adjustable Vision Package is right for you. There are a lot of Vision Package options, and the beauty of going this route is that you don’t have to choose how to balance your distance, mid-range, and close sight until you’ve had a chance to give your new eyesight a proper test-run.

What Will Your Vision Look Like?

That depends on you! Our surgeons collaborate with you after the primary procedure to choose how you’d like to prioritize different vision distances. And the LAL’s blended vision approach and specific curvature offer across-the-board benefits, including seeing better at all distances, minimizing glare and halos around lights, and causing no loss of contrast. It’s truly your most versatile option.

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