About Alliance Vision

Alliance Vision Institute is proud to offer our patients a premier vision correction and eye care experience — and our complete focus on your superior vision outcomes. Our team of skilled and compassionate providers offer personalized attention and procedures for a smooth patient experience.

Who we are

You rely on your eyes, and your eyes can rely on Alliance Vision Institute. Our devoted doctors and surgical staff take the time and care you deserve to keep you seeing clearly, and answer any questions you may have about the process. We’ll make sure you and your family understand what we’re doing to protect your eyes — and just as importantly, why we’re doing it — in easy-to-understand language.

Here, you’ll never be in a position where you meet our doctors for the first time under the microscope. We’re with you through the entire process, from customizing your procedure through the entirety of your recovery. We want to be your local vision institute, and your easy choice for vision correction: that’s why we house some of the most exceptional technology, procedures, and people in our field.

The staff at Alliance Vision Insitute in Fort Worth, TX

Our LASIK uses leading laser technology to precisely reshape the eye and improve your eyesight. This reduces or even eliminates your dependency on eyewear like glasses and contacts.


SMILE is an exciting LASIK alternative that uses a slightly different process, which makes it advantageous for some patients with nearsightedness and astigmatism.


Cataracts cloud your eye’s lens over time, resulting in blurry vision. During cataract surgery, Dr. Strange removes the cataract and provides a vision package for refreshed or even enhanced eyesight.


Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) replaces your lens and delivers one of our vision packages for improved vision. Unlike cataract surgery, RLE is performed before cataracts develop, preventing them later in life.


ICL is a unique option that permanently implants an artificial lens between the iris and lens. It’s useful for those with even severe cases of myopia or astigmatism who don’t qualify for other procedures.

What we do

We offer a full slate of eye care services enhanced by advanced technology to help our patients see more clearly and more comfortably. We treat our patients like family: you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best possible care, whether that’s life-changing LASIK vision correction or a customizable cataract surgery vision package.

The team at Alliance Vision Institute is backed by the latest in eye care technology. But we will never overpromise; we’ll communicate clearly and with zero pressure so you can make informed decisions.


“I had a very positive experience at Alliance Ophthalmology. The staff, especially Amy and Dr. King were informative, understanding and cared about my eye health. They took their time and explained what is going on and created a plan for ongoing check-ups. I highly recommend Alliance Ophthalmology.”

– A.W.

“I was loosing my eye sight but after my cataract surgery with Dr. Strange I now have 4K vision and can see clearly. Thanks to the wonderful staff, Dr Strange and Dr. King for the excellent care.”

– D.T.

“Nice staff, everyone is SUPER friendly! Dr. Strange explained things very well and answered my questions simply and directly. He did a great job overall! I felt valued and welcomed at all times!”

– M.M.


When you put your eye care in the hands of Alliance Vision Institute, you’re putting your eye health into the hands of real-life vision superheroes — Dr. Taylor Strange and Dr. Brett Mueller— and their team. Our doctors are known for their skills as well as their calm, relaxing bedside manner. Our team understands how important your vision is, and we work to create a personalized vision solution ideal for you.

Experienced Eye Doctor in Fort Worth
Brett H. Mueller II, D.O., PHD
Eye Doctor at Alliance Vision Institute