LENSAR® Laser System

Alliance Ophthalmology offers laser cataract surgery using the LENSAR® Laser System. Built specifically for cataract surgery, this femtosecond laser allows our cataract surgeons to create the optimal corneal incision, gently fragment your cloudy eye lens and remove it in a more precise and efficient manner than the traditional manual method. The cloudy lens is removed and the new intraocular lens (IOL) is placed through the same corneal incision.

Dr. Strange has access to superior imaging capabilities with this advanced cataract surgery process. LENSAR’s superior Augmented Reality™ technology provides a highly-detailed, 3D image of your eye so your treatment can be planned and performed with surgical confidence. Dr. Strange has access to an unprecedented level of biometric data including precise measurements of the location, length and depth of your cataract. The laser also allows for more precision when your new IOL is placed into your eye. 

Benefits of the LENSAR Laser System

  • Precise and accurate cataract removal and IOL placement
  • Highly customized cataract surgery treatment
  • Helps reduce astigmatism
  • Potential for improved vision results after surgery
  • Possible reduction of post-surgery complications
  • More comfortable procedure

If you are considering cataract surgery, you owe it to yourself to learn more about our laser cataract surgery option at our Precision Ambulatory Surgery Center right here in the Alliance area! We invite you to schedule a cataract evaluation to learn your options.