Dr. Meridith Musgrove is an experienced optometrist at Alliance Vision Institute in Fort Worth, TX. She specializes in pre- and post-op care for ocular surgery and ocular surface disease treatment such as dry eye management.


Dr. Musgrove earned her Doctor of Optometry from the University of Houston College of Optometry and, as quickly as possible, returned to her beloved hometown of Fort Worth, TX. She’s worked in a variety of surgical settings over the past 13 years, and her fascination with co-managing ocular surgery has only grown since her firsthand experience as a LASIK patient herself. Today, she is a trusted optometrist and eye doctor here at Alliance Vision Institute.

Dr. Musgrove Experience as Eye Doctor
Corrective Vision Surgeries in Fort Worth


Dr. Musgrove provides pre- and post-op care for corrective vision surgeries, such as LASIK, which can enhance your eyesight and your quality of life.

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Corneal Damage Treatment


Dr. Musgrove can heal common ocular surface diseases and corneal damage by targeting the underlying causes of these issues.

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Dry Eye Disease Treatment in Fort Worth


Dry eye disease is an uncomfortable condition that, with specialized, personalized care, can be relieved quickly.

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Cataract Surgeon in Fort Worth


Our eyes develop cataracts as we age, which causes blurry vision. Dr. Musgrove provides co-management for cataract surgery, which replaces cataracts with vision-improving IOLs.

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Fort Worth Eye Doctor

Get to Know
Dr. Musgrove

As a native Texan, she’s seen how dry desert environments can deeply affect eyes, and dedicates herself to improving patients’ eye health and quality of life. Dr. Musgrove always puts her patients and their vision needs first, addressing questions and concerns with compassion and undivided attention.

When not taking care of her patients’ eyes, Dr. Musgrove and her husband enjoy traveling and exploring the Fort Worth cultural scene, especially Bass Hall, Casa Mañana, and the Kimbell Art Museum. She’s an avid baseball fan and loves her hometown Texas Rangers!

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