IV Free alternative for Trypanophobia
Do you have a fear of needles? Needle phobia, also known as Trypanophobia, is more common than you may think. It is a defined medical condition that affects approximately 3.5-10% of the population2. The fear of needles is a condition that can be learned but also inherited2. If you have a fear of needles, you can be reassured that you are not alone.
The aversion towards needles may result in serious health issues for those avoiding medical treatment that may involve intravenous (IV) injection3. IV sedation is typically used during cataract surgery, however if you are one of many who suffers from Trypanophobia, the MKO Melt™ may be an appropriate alternative.

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is a technique of administering a combination of medicines that allow you to relax and tolerate mild procedures without sleeping. It is administered by an anesthesiologist who will closely monitor you before, during and after the procedure. Conscious sedation allows you to speak and communicate throughout the procedure.

Common types of conscious sedation include inhaled sedation, also known as “laughing gas,” IV (intravenous) sedation and oral sedation. IV sedation is what is typically used for cataract surgery. Although all methods are used for sedation, patients who have a fear of needles may wish to explore other alternatives to IV when undergoing cataract surgery. Ask your doctor if the MKO Melt™ may be considered as an alternate approach.

The IV FREE™ Approach
MKO Melt compounded formulation

MKO Melt compounded formulation can be administered within minutes and typically dissolves under the tongue within 2-5 minutes. Some patients still may require an IV, which should be determined by the anesthesiologist. It provides a consistent, predictable dose that may be an appropriate alternative approach for your cataract surgery.
IV FREE SURGERY Potentially eliminates the need for IV sedation during cataract surgery.

Talk to your Doctor about IV FREE™
Ask your doctor if IV Free is an appropriate alternative for you. As with any medication, your doctor is your first and best resource for deciding what treatments are right for you. Be sure to discuss any questions you have about your eye surgery and MKO Melt with your doctor.

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