Diabetic Eye Care
in Fort Worth, TX

Why Is Diabetic Eye Care Important?

Diabetes is a disease that can affect the entire body, but it’s infamous for having significant effects on your eyes. That’s why, if you have or are at risk for diabetes, it’s important to have an eye doctor look for related conditions like diabetic retinopathy. Our skilled team can identify the earliest signs of these conditions and provide a personalized treatment plan to protect your vision.

What Is Diabetic Retinopathy?

For people with diabetes, blood vessels in the back of the eye can grow irregularly, leak, and create scar tissue. All of this can create friction with the retina — a thin layer of tissue that turns what you see into signals your brain can understand — and cause vision loss if left untreated.

It’s important to get ahead of any potential issues and monitor your eye for further changes, because catching and managing diabetic retinopathy and complications like macular edema is the single best way to prevent them from affecting your vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment in Fort Worth
Macular Edema Treatment in Fort Worth

What is Macular Edema?

Macular edema is a specific complication of diabetic retinopathy that can develop quickly and threaten your vision. When your eyes have this condition, fluid builds near the center of the retina, which is known as the macula and is responsible for central and color vision. This fluid can press on the macula to distort your vision.

The good news is, macular edema can also be detected early through regular screenings. This disease can be a major concern, but when we find it early, it doesn’t have to be.

Diabetes Doesn’t
Have to Affect Your Vision

Early detection is the best way to stay a step ahead of diabetic retinopathy and prevent vision loss. We’re here to help with comprehensive eye exams and advanced retina imaging!


Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment in Fort Worth

How Diabetic Retinopathy is Treated at Alliance Vision Institute

For most diabetic retinopathy patients who do not exhibit signs of macular edema, little to no treatment will be required at first. Since your diabetes will need to be carefully managed during this time, your doctor may want to have you in for screenings more frequently.

Our team provides a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on their diagnosis, which can range anywhere from a supplements regimen to specialized surgery to preserve your sight.

Macular Edema Treatment in Fort Worth

How Alliance Vision Institute Treats Macular Edema

Macular edema is a serious diabetic complication that can threaten your vision, so we want to act fast if we start to see it. The good news is our experienced team has a wide range of treatment options, including eye drops, corticosteroids injections, and personalized surgeries.

Should you show any signs of macular edema, our team can help determine how best to approach the situation, taking into account everything we’ve come to learn about you and your case.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

I’m Concerned About Diabetic Retinopathy Affecting My Vision — Should I Seek Treatment?

Yes! Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of new blindness cases among adults in the United States, which means people with diabetes should take extra precautions with their eye health. But these precautions don’t have to be a burden: early detection through regular eye exams is the best preventative measure for vision loss.

If you’re at risk for diabetic retinopathy or macular edema, our team can provide timely treatment and comprehensive follow up care to halt further vision loss. Don’t wait and risk your vision: our skilled staff is ready to help keep you seeing clearly!

Dr. Taylor Strange, DO of Alliance Vision Institute in TX

Dr. Strange

Taylor Strange, D.O., is a board-certified ophthalmologist and our laser eye surgeon. His depth of experience with vision correction helps him choose the perfect procedure for your vision goals.
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Dr. Kenneth King, OD of Alliance Vision Institute

Dr. King

Kenneth King, O.D., is our full-scope optometrist, who treats all manner of ocular diseases from glaucoma to diabetic eye disease. He also provides exceptional pre and post-operational care.
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 Just wanna say hands down one of the best place to get your eyes checked the staff is very friendly and Dr strange is great he really listens to you and try’s his best to help you out was freakin out due to finding out I had glaucoma and immediately clam me down and explain why and how to maintain this disease plus he gave me Plenty of samples so that way I didn’t have to pay the high dollars for the medicine when I came back and was getting headaches due to medication they listen to my issues and got me on a better medication and tried not to push the more expensive medication on me they made sure I was on a medication that works for me not what makes them money they really care about their patients Like most places they wanna make the money will be going here for all my eyes and now my wife will be too.

– T.M.